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In 2011, the company has established the Natakhtari Fund, the purpose of which is to strengthen and prepare youth without parental care for an independent life. The project is implemented in partnership with the non-governmental organization Association Our Home - Georgia.

Since 2011, the Fund has spent more than GEL 1 million to provide assistance to more than 650 beneficiaries, 90% of them are employed and more than 300 received professional and 70 beneficiaries high education.

As a result of Natakhtari Fund advocacy campaign:

  • After the fund’s active advocacy campaign during the years with Tbilisi City Hall, in 2022 the City Hall decided to provide youth (18-21-year-old) with 500 GEL monthly who live in Tbilisi and have left small family-type homes;
  • The Ministry of Health of Adjara has decided to pay particular amount per month for young people who have left the state care system;
  • Natakhtari Fund and Rustavi City Hall common project is on-going;
  • In Zugdidi, in the social program, which provides the financing of apartment rentals, to the list of beneficiaries ‘out of state care system’ was added;
  • In Ozurgeti, Young people who left state care system can apply to Ozurgeti City Hall for renting an apartment.

With the help of the Natakhtari Fund, hundreds of young people without parental care started living independently and are building successful careers. This is ensured by the 3 main priorities of the Natakhtari Fund: education, employment and psychological support.

The finances from the Natakhtari Fund are allocated specifically according to the needs of each beneficiary. The transparency of finances is approved by the international audit company PricewaterHouse Cooper.

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